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A friend of mine wanted to have a party for his son turning 3, so I thought of a pretty easy way to have a fun and simple birthday party that is great for toddlers. I was thrilled when I found out the theme was Care Bears!

The Cloud Race

Preparation: Use a marker to number 8 cups from 1 to 8. Tape the cups to the floor on their sides with the openings facing the same direction. Tape the higher numbered cups further away from the smaller numbered cups. Make small “clouds” out of cotton batting or use cotton balls.

Game: Take turns using straws to blow the clouds into the cups. The person that gets the most points wins!

Pin the heart on the Care Bear

Preparation: On a large piece of poster board, draw a picture of a Care Bear. Cut out enough Care Bear stomach shapes (like a rainbow, star, or heart) out of construction paper for each child.

Game: Similar to pin the tail on the donkey, you will blindfold and spin each child around a few times, then let them try to pin the Care Bear symbol on the Care Bear. The winner is the child that gets the symbol the closest.

Search the Clouds

Preparation: In a medium to large box, mix pillow batting and candy and toys.

Game: Let the kids “search the clouds” for prizes! You may want to give them a small bag to hold their goodies.

Other Party Ideas

These are just a few ideas for your Care Bears party. For younger children, coloring pages or watching a great Care Bears video can also be fun.

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